Photos: Updated March 2002

Lee and Michelle in Jamaica

Shaw and Jen in Jamaica

Todd Kulis with Women's World Cup Trophy

Russ Lathrop with Women's World Cup Trophy

Lee and Bruce Treut in Trinidad

Michelle Clarke

Steve Mayer in Jamaica

Krys Wong and Howard Pearl in mid flight

Paul Mendez and Carlos on Camera in Costa Rica

Steve Mayer and Cesar Urena in Guatemala

Darell Whitt in Portland

Howard Pearl in Portland

Rick Hayes in Portland

Hal Schiff 2000

Hal Schiff, Eric Holmes and BoBo 2000

Patty Mac at the People's Court

Maggie Milton (Unitel) in Tampa

Bob Winton at the SuperBowl 1999

John McCrae @ the 98 US Open

Fred Shimizu @ the 98 US Open

Pat Stevens on Jib: NCAA '98

Jerry Cell: NCAA'98

Technical Director: Jeff Ringel in Nagano '98

Arnie Weiss at the '97 US Open

Us Open crew 98

Darrell Whitt

Arnold Mintz at The US Open

Gourmet Productions: Sam Weiss

Production God Hal Schiff

Technical Director: Jim Warden

Gary Graffeo in Michigan

Bob Winton Drunk? you be the judge

Graphics Guru Mike Singer

Technical Manager: Bob Brown

Mike Rokosa

Hoops Producer Bob Dekas

Jim Harrington

Charlie Rennert

John McCrae

Director Bob Fishman at the 1996 Men's Final 4

Producer: Bob Monsbach and Director: Cathy Barreto at the 1996 NCAA Gymnastics Championships

Ray Potter

Bernie Sweeney behind the audio console

Nick and Bert from Mobile Unit 12

Ernust Gunter

Arnold Mintz and Dave Finch, Clean up time